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We have wide range of patterns at Aston pottery from the traditional to the contemporary,
for the young to the old. Much like the creation of our shapes everything goes through a rigorous design
process beginning as a drawing in the design office.


All our patterns are hand-stencilled onto our pottery and, as such, once the initial
drawn design is passed, the following step of the process is to separate the image into
layers. Some of our more complex stencil designs can
use up to 5 layers to create the patterns you can see on our pottery. With the design
stratified appropriately, they are copied onto acetate and cut out.

Colour Selection

The central aspect of developing a stencil is the colour selection. Layering needs
to take into account how each colour is applied – many of the colours we use have different personalities,
some need to be applied heavily whilst others very lightly. Along with standard colour
theory the way we select colours for our designs must also work alongside the
different dimensions each colour brings.


The finished decoration is a delight to behold, the combination of layers of shape
and colour build up to form anything from Tractors to Auriculas or Woodpeckers to Squirrels.
Our pattern design process, although ancient in its fundamental technique,
allows our team of decorators to produce a hand-made product with great depth and consistency.

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